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FlyHighYoga™ - Defy gravity

FlyHighYoga is popular and new style of aerial yoga. It started in 2012 in Ubud, Bali with the development of the FlyHighYoga Belt.
This belt is a simple and unique tool for a gravity defying, creative, fun, precise and alignment-based style of yoga.

With the FlyHighYoga belt, you are able to do regular yoga poses (and other gravity defying moves) in a supported way.
This makes the progression of your practice easier, more precise, more intense and more fun!

FlyHighYoga™ hanging belt

FlyHighYoga™ hanging belt
Made from durable, comfortable parachute material
Alleviates stress
Easy to install
Relieve tension in the muscles
Elongate and decompress the spine
Increase flexibility

FlyHighYoga™ portable handles

FlyHighYoga™ portable handles
Made from comfortable foam
Light weight
Easy to install
Great addition to your FlyHighYoga™ hanging belt
Essential yoga accessory
Designed for aerial yoga practice