Why to Teach FHY™




FlyHighYoga™ offers you different FHY™ Programs and Teacher Trainings to dive deep in to a knowledge and philosophy of this incredible new-age yoga style.


Let’s Fly High, Defy Gravity and Have Fun!



Sail with us on a wings of opportunity to become between one of the first FHY™ Teachers, bring the world fresh view on attractive aerial yoga style with knowledge and tradition of Iyengar yoga and philosophy that will help you to fly high!


In 2015 FHY™ started to produce first Teacher Trainings and first FHY™ Teachers. FlyHighYoga™ has been spreading and expanding throughout the world at an unbelievable rate and today FHY™ is present in many countries like Indonesia, China, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, America, Chile, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, … and it has over 150 FHY™ Teachers. FHY™ is the still most spread in Indonesia where it originally started, so it represents unique opportunity to be between the first messengers of this attractive, effective and uplifting yoga practice.

We are looking forward to share our passion and knowledge about FlyHighYoga™ with you.



The Benefits Of FlyHighYoga™ Teacher Training:

  • Certificate of FHY™ School, approved by Yoga Alliance (Accumulate CUE – Continue Education Units Certificate for 35h or 50h).
  • Ability to teach one of the most popular styles of aerial yoga.
  • Ability to teach complementary practice to any other type of yoga.
  • Ability to offer new and attractive practice to yoga studios all around the world (and yourself as it’s Teacher).
  • Ability to become Agent for FHY™ and gain other FHY™ business benefits.
  • With completion of FHY™ Advanced TT possibility of teaching FlyHighYoga™ Workshops.
  • After gaining experience in teaching FHY™ style (and meeting other needed experience), you will also gain possibility of teaching FHY™ Teacher Training in any place of the world.
  • You can earn additional income through selling FlyHighYoga™ products as well.



For more information about all FlyHighYoga™ Training & Events, please contact us on [email protected].

We will be sure to respond as quickly as possible, because your questions are important to us!