Why Teach FlyHighYoga?

Be the first FlyHighYoga Teacher in your country!

FlyHighYoga™ Teacher Trainings

Our specially designed 50 Hour FlyHighYoga Teacher Trainings will prepare you to become a fully qualified FlyHighYoga Teacher.


FlyHighYoga has been spreading and expanding throughout the world at an unbelievable rate and today FlyHighYoga is present in many countries such as  Indonesia, China, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, America, Chile, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, just to name a few.


This is a unique opportunity for you to become one of the first teachers and representatives of this attractive, effective and uplifting yoga practice by participating in one of our upcoming Teacher Trainings.


We are looking forward to sharing our passion and knowledge of FlyHighYoga with you and for you to share this knowledge with those around you.



The Benefits Of FlyHighYoga Teacher Training:

  • Certificate of FlyHighYoga School, approved by Yoga Alliance.
  • Qualified FlyHighYoga Teacher Trainer.
  • Able to teach FlyHighYoga at Yoga and Fitness studios.
  • Start your own FlyHighYoga business and/or studio.
  • Business partnerships with FlyHighYoga.
  • Discounts on FlyHighYoga products.
    • Earning an extra income through FlyHighYoga product and training sales.
    • Ability to revisit a training as a mentor which will help you gain more knowledge – FREE OF CHARGE!
    • This is the first step in becoming a future FlyHighYoga Workshop and Teacher Training trainer.
    • Ability to eventually teach FlyHighYoga Trainings anywhere in the world under the FlyHighYoga Umbrella.

For more information about FlyHighYoga Trainings & Events, contact@flyhighyoga.com.


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