FlyHighYoga™ Sequence II


Sequence II · Explore deep back bends to balance strength with vulnerability

The postures in this sequence will create resilience by strengthening the back and the core. The action of bending the back exposes vulnerable areas of the body such as the heart and throat which allow you to cultivate more love and self acceptance.


Developing Proper Form and Reaping Its Benefits with FlyHighYoga Sequence II

For practitioners of yoga, one of the major perks is feeling your muscles, the rest of your body, and your mind respond to your efforts. As you go deeper into practicing aerial yoga, you will find you’re ready to move on to more advanced yoga poses. To assist you in developing your ability to use the FlyHighYoga belt and handles for inverted positions, we’ve created the soothing and helpful Sequence II yoga video. Aimed at improving your core muscles and back, this sequence will also guide you towards feeling more comfortable in advanced positions. As you watch, you can observe the correct alignment and attempt it yourself.


The importance of alignment

When it comes to unlocking all the yoga benefits you’re working towards, the value of good form can’t be stressed enough. While everybody is different and no two alignments are exactly alike, there is still a definite “correct” position which will maximize the positive benefits of the yoga poses you use. For example, the deep bends featured in Sequence II will contribute to improving the muscle groups in your back. Observing the instructor and listening to the directions, you should be able to replicate what you see. With practice and several viewings, you can continue to bring your alignment closer to the ideal.


Improve your wellness and have fun too

Flying yoga can feature challenging yoga poses, but we hope to show you just how much fun it can be, too. Working with a FlyHighYoga instructional video allows you to practice at your own pace. It can also allow you to create a quieter, more serene space suitable for meditation during your practice. When you are ready to move to the next level with your yoga exercises, we have the materials to help you on your journey. Let’s begin working together to develop your form and improve your body with our Sequence II yoga video.

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Sequence II · Explore deep back bends to balance strength with vulnerability

Postures in This Sequence

Backward facing asana

Star pose


Namaste arch

Upside down bow


Fancy exit

Child pose