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Are you ready to begin learning aerial yoga or advance the skills you already have? Enjoy the calm, relaxing pace of the FlyHighYoga educational DVD as you become familiar with your belt and handles.


Unlock the Benefits of Aerial Yoga With FlyHighYoga’s Instructional DVD

For years, the popularity of yoga has been on the rise. As both a calming way to meditate and a highly beneficial form of physical activity, it has something to offer for everyone. Not everybody has the time or ability to make it to a structured class, however. Have you ever thought about using a yoga video to learn and practice at home? It’s not just more convenient; it allows you a chance to practice and adapt at your own pace. You can even attempt new forms such as aerial yoga. With the educational DVD created by FlyHighYoga, you can do just that.


Why should you try FlyHighYoga Yoga?

Using the FlyHighYoga belt and the helpful instructional yoga video as an accompaniment, you can unlock a whole new way to experience yoga. By using a suspended belt, you’ll discover a wide range of poses you might struggle to reach otherwise without support. Yoga swing poses are highly diverse, fun, and relatively simple to learn as you follow along with clear instructions from founder Jose Jimenez. You’ll quickly find that by using the belt, you can stretch more effectively. Beyond the enjoyment and ease of use, there are real physical benefits to trying a yoga swing.


What are some Aerial Yoga benefits you could enjoy?

As you learn along with the FlyHighYoga Video/DVD, you’ll begin to unlock some of its positive effects. Perhaps one of the best benefits for yoga lovers is how much doing aerial yoga at home can improve your flexibility. With a swing, you can achieve a larger range of motion, challenging your body to stretch just a little further.

It is also possible to take pressure off your spine, aiding in decompression. The belt can assist you with reaching positions normally impossible; throughout this educational yoga video, you will learn sequences and poses to aid in this effort. You can even fully invert yourself in the swing, sending oxygen-rich blood surging to your vital organs. All in all, it’s an invigorating way to practice your favorite exercise.


Enjoy a new way to challenge your body

Are you ready to begin learning aerial yoga or advance the skills you already have? Enjoy the calm, relaxing pace of the FlyHighYoga educational Video/DVD as you become familiar with your FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt and FlyHighYoga™ Handles. We have all the supplies you need to begin. Think about changing the way you view yoga today.



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