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FHY™ Ultimate Package: Belt + Handles, free Edu. Video

$99.98 $79.99

In FlyHighYoga™ Ultimate Package you will receive FHY™ Hanging Belt and FHY™ Handles for your complete FHY™ Practice by 20% reduced price! To your new best workout TRX tool we will add completely free FHY™ Educational Video as well – for the best starting point of your FHY™ Experience! 😉


Price of the FlyHighYoga™ Ultimate Package is added 17 USD for worldwide shipping.


Explore your FlyHighYoga™ Practice today – in full range and with all diversity it offers!


FlyHighYoga™ Ultimate Package represents everything you need to start with your FHY™ Practice today – on a full power and with full range of possibilities!

In FHY™ Ultimate Package you will receive FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt, basic FHY™ tool for your practice, and FlyHighYoga™ Handles, to enlarge possibilities of your FHY™ Practice, make it more comfortable and enlarge your range of motions as well. FHY™ belt and FHY™ Handles together form a TRX tool for ultimate strengthening practice, together with variety of  FHY™ Posses it will become your best workout tool for getting/staying strong and flexible, with increased range of motions in your whole body. 

You will receive full FHY™ Package by 20% reduced price and as a cherry on top, we will send you a FlyHighYoga™ Educational Video with plenty of tips and posses for your FHY™ Practice as well – completely for free, for the best starting point of your FHY™ Experience!

Click here for more information about FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt and FlyHighYoga™ Handles, FlyHighYoga™ Practice and it’s Benefits or send us an email with your questions on [email protected].


We wish you many enjoyable moments with our FHY™ Props, get back to us and tell us about your FHY™ Experience, we will be happy to hear it about!

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