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FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt


The FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt is a fantastic tool used to perform aerial yoga. Optimum for restorative inverted poses and intensifying your ground yoga poses. With purchasing FHY™ Hanging Belt you are purchasing a lifestyle tool for alleviating stress, releasing tension and strengthening the body and the mind.

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The Aerial Yoga Lifestyle

The FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt is a fantastic tool used for performing aerial yoga. First of all, this belt is excellent for working on restorative inverted poses and intensifying your ground yoga poses. Clients use the swing to relieve tension in the muscles, elongate and decompresses the spine, and increase flexibility. In addition, the FlyHighYoga™ Belt allows aerial yoga postures to be held for a long time if performed safely and in the correct alignment.

FlyHighYoga™’s Hanging Belt is for everybody and all levels of aerial yoga (except for those with heart conditions, pregnancy, vertigo or those who should not be practicing inversions). You can use the yoga swing alone or with a partner. Most of all when you purchase FlyHighYoga™’s Hanging Belt you are not only purchasing an excellent yoga product, you are purchasing a lifestyle tool. Due to it’s ability to help in alleviating stress, releasing tension, and strengthening the body and the mind.


Using The Hanging Belt

Our aerial yoga equipment is very easy to install and adjust. Thus making it easy for customers to easily attach the belt to the ceiling, a beam or pull up bar. Make sure to seek out the correct hardware and advice before installing the swing.

You have your swing and are ready to go, now it’s time to start practicing. Engaging in classes are always a great option when practicing yoga. Many of you may not have access to aerial yoga classes, in this case the FlyHighYoga™ Educational DVDSequence 1 and Sequence 2 videos would be very helpful.


Quality Characteristics

The FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt is one of the highest quality yoga swings on the market. We do everything with passion and are striving to be the best in aerial yoga products. As a result, FlyHighYoga™ has produced a yoga swing that is made from strong, durable and comfortable parachute material that hold a lot of weight – as well when multiplied with swinging. Every FHY™ Hanging Belt comes with complimentary extension ropes and two FlyHighYoga™ Wooden Blocks.

For more info about the FlyHighYoga™ Belt quality (and safety), check our video FHY™ Safety in our Video gallery.

Additional Information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 10 cm

Red,  Pink, Blue,  Green, Turqouise

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