FlyHighYoga™ Handles

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FlyHighYoga™’s set of portable Handles will provide you better handhold options for use with your FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt. FHY™ Handles are light weight and easy to install. They are the essential yoga accessory for your aerial yoga practice.

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An Excellent Aerial Yoga Accessory

FlyHighYoga™ Handles are the essential yoga accessory for your aerial yoga practice. They are the perfect tool to complement our FlyHighYoga™Hanging Belt and enhance your inversion practice. Use the FlyHighYoga™ Handles to work on and improve your pectoral, triceps and biceps while hanging upside down. Additionally, you can also work your core muscles safely and effectively with the use of the handles. The Handles have been designed to be lightweight and easy to install. Not only that, they are comfortable to use. The soft foam grips prevent your hands from feeling fatigue during your practice.


Quality Characteristics

Our FHY™ Handles are very comfortable, due to the non-slip black durable sponge foam grip. They are sewed with newest sewing machine on the market in order to guarantee your FHY™ Handles will last. Our priorities were to make quality FHY™ Handles, yet simple to use, thus we ended with Handles that are easy to install, adjustable and lightweight. These Handles will be a great addition to your aerial yoga practice.


Installing the Handles

1. At the top part of each FHY™ Handle there is a loop. Thread one of the sides of FlyHighYoga™’s Belt from any height above the padded area inside the final loop of the handle, creating a slip loop with it.

2. Then place one of the sticks inside the slip loop, then pull the belt and the handle down to hold the stick tight.

3. You are then going to repeat the same process on the other side of the belt. Make sure both handles are sitting at the same height.

4. You can adjust the height of the handles by changing the height of the sticks on the belt.

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