Practicing FHY™

If you are tempted to try practicing FlyHighYoga™ or you maybe have doubts, concerns, read the descriptions below and see, if FlyHighYoga™ is appropriate for you as well.



For who is FHY™ appropriate for?

FHY™ is appropriate for all general healthy people: more or less active, with bigger or smaller flexibility capacities, regular and advanced yoga practitioners, as well complete begginers. For people with a wish for more or less intense FHY™ practice as FHY™ can be practiced in a very dynamic, strong and active or easier, slower and more restorative way. All can perform FHY™, will enjoy in it’s practice and feel challenged at the same time.

FlyHighYoga™ is a versatile practice that complements any existing yoga asana practice or any other sport activity like cycling, surfing, running, climbing and so on.

You can practice FHY™ alone or with a partner – used as a tool in pairs or groups will bring you even greater joy, fun and creativity, you can work with your partner(s) as well on deep adjustments, though on our FHY™ Teacher Trainings (link-TT).

FHY™ Hanging Belt is designed to hold several hundreds pounds of dynamic movement/weight.




  • Who should avoid practicing FHY™?

FHY™ is strongly deprecated only to group of people with any fresh injuries or healed specific injuries (list-link), recent surgery or head injury, glaucoma, pregnant women and people with severe disabilities, physical or mental.

Is is not advisable also for people having easy onset vertigo, heart disease, osteoporosis, bone weakness, cerebral sclerosis, propensity for fainting, artificial hips, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe arthritis, sinusitis or head cold and people with very high or low blood pressure (although with gradual program under the professional guidance of your FHY™ Teacher, they can both gain benefits from inversions).

FHY™ can be still beneficial for many people with body’s disabilities, although it is necessary your Teacher has all needed information for appropriate treatment. That’s why it is essential that you inform your Teacher about any existing medical issues,  injuries or concers before beginning a FHY™ class.


If you have doubts about your FHY™ practice we recommend you to ask your yoga Teacher and/or to consult about with your doctor/physician.