General Questions

The belt is designed for all ages and fitness levels. It can also be extremely beneficial for people with back injuries. That being said, FlyHighYoga™ strongly recommends the consultation of a physician before attempting any new fitness regiment.

FlyHighYoga is very safe, but like with any sport you have to take the right precautions. Please avoid inverted yoga poses or work with a qualified teacher who can modify your practice, if any of the following items apply to you:
High blood pressure, heart related problems, eye issues (seen floaters in eye), neck problems, epilepsy, previous stroke or sinus problems.
At any stage of pregnancy yoga should be practiced in a specifically designed, prenatal yoga classes or privately with a qualified pregnancy yoga teacher.
During menstruation, inversions should preferably be avoided or should at least not be held for a long amount of time. At the end of the day this comes down to personal choice.
It’s strongly recommended to watch our YouTube channel before practicing with the hanging belt. The instructional program will outline all of the safety techniques when performing inverted poses and dismounting. It is our hope that the information provided in our YouTube channel will help you to determine for yourself the practices that are most appropriate for your body. We advise that you consult your physician before entering any new exercise program.

The answer is: absolutely! Anyone that has back issues should get the FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt. They are much better than clunky inversion tables designed for spinal decompression therapy. The hanging belt, in its simplistic, natural style, gets the same, if not better results. Hanging upside down with the yoga hanging belt elongates and decompresses the spine alleviating back pain. People who have taken a FlyHighYoga class always comment that their back feels much better afterwards.

The basic use of a FlyHighYoga Belt you can learn quite quickly. Belt is great tool to help you with your yoga practice, to even make it easier and more supported, as well more challenging if you decide to use a belt that way. So it all depends what do you want and what kind of practice do you want to do on a belt.
For first ideas of FlyHighYoga Practice you can check our free online book of 20 FlyHighYoga Asanas, our photos and videos, sure we advise you for it’s best use to join a class of FlyHighYoga Practice around you or even better, to join us on our FlyHighYoga Workshops or FlyHighYoga Teacher Trainings.

Anyone is welcome to start with FlyHighYoga Practice. You don’t need any previous yoga experiences, aerial or acrobatic knowledge, in fact, FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt is perfect tool for complete beginners as well. Important is you have a wish and that you decided to try it – bring on a practice open mind and the magic will begin.
Beginners will establish good alignment and be able to perform inversions on the first day. Some of the more difficult variations of course take more time and practice but road long for thousand kilometres start with the first step, right? Experienced yoga students will be able to explore deeper stretches and more complete back-bends. This is especially true when attending a FlyHighYoga workshop or class.

Yes, FlyHighYoga is safe. Of course, some attention, mindfulness and following to direction of experienced FlyHighYoga Teacher is advisable. With practicing FlyHighYoga with some caution you will only gain more confidence and knowledge what you need to pay attention on, so the FlyHighYoga can be in your pure pleasure and fun.
The FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt is made out of strong, parachute material that holds a lot of weight. It holds 150kg or 400 pounds, even when swinging on a FlyHighYoga Belt, where the weight multiplies.

This could be answered as well: overcome your fears with FlyHighYoga!
When hanging from the belt, you are never more than a couple feet off the ground at any time. Even then, being upside down off the ground can still be a little bit scary, but overcoming your fear and finding peace is all part of the practice. You will learn hanging upside down will help you in other aspects of your life. It will make you calmer and more relaxed. When hanging upside down off the ground, you will find a new way to meditate and perceive the world around you.

The FlyHighYoga Hanging belt is very easy to install and adjust. It is designed to hang from a chin-up bar, any beam or other surface that is possible “to go around” with fabric. If you want to hang it higher, extensions needed are included in a FlyHighYoga Package.

The extension ropes come tied in a loop with a square knot. To attach the extension to the bar, bring the rope over the bar and then back down and through itself. Pull the rope down so that it tightens around the bar. To extend the ropes further, repeat this process on the looped rope instead of the bar. The belt attaches to the bottom looped rope rather than the bar.

You can adjust FlyHighYoga Belt very easily. Take the wooden FlyHighYoga Blocks out of the Belt, adjust the Belt up or down to shorten or elongate it, one you have the height you want, pull the loosen fabric part of the FlyHighYoga Belt through the loop of the Belt, insert the FlyHighYoga Block in again, repeat on the other side and your FlyHighYoga Belt is adjusted.

The great thing is you don’t have to choose anything. FlyHighYoga is complementary practice to any style of yoga or to any other sport activity you are doing it. It can only add variety of approaches and body knowledge, it is super fun, attractive and extremely beneficial so plenty of reasons you add FlyHighYoga to your list of regular activities as well.

Actually, it will. With use of a FlyHighYoga Belt your spine will decompress, elongate and therefore you will be by the end of FlyHighYoga Practice taller that you’ve been when you started. FlyHighYoga isn’t working like a pill for growth, so don’t expect you will suddenly gain extra 20cm, but it will stretch your spine and muscles around it so you will be your tallest natural version of yourself.
Since there is virtually no pressure placed on the joints throughout the body when practicing aerial or anti-gravity yoga, muscles throughout the body stretch and strengthen making you taller. After just one session, you will “grow” a couple of centimetres. When naturally going about your day, gravity compresses the spine. This means that you are actually shorter later in the day than in the morning. The hanging yoga belt takes advantage of gravity and decompresses the spine making you taller and more relaxed. FlyHighYoga works to restore length to the spine for healthy alignment and energy flow.

Dress not to impress, dress to do yoga. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow a full range of movement, such as yoga pants and tops. Wear clothing that covers your armpit area, backs of the knees, and entire midriff. Try to avoid extremely loose clothing for the extra fabric may get in the way.
In addition, you should not wear any jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, hair clips, or earrings, that may get caught on the belt.

Available yoga swings, silks and hammocks are more cumbersome and complicated than FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt. The hanging belt is all about practicing yoga with simplicity while sustaining functionality. The FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt has simple, sleek design functions at the same level as its complex competitor. However it’s a much better price. Yoga is about simplifying your life.

Depending on where you live shipping ranges from a couple of days to three weeks. For more detailed shipping information, please send us any inquiries and we will be happy to help get your hanging belt to your door as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • It’s one of the most beneficial forms of yoga.
  • FlyHighYoga™ will improve your posture, decompress the spine to improve spinal health and energy flow.
  • It increases flexibility, while building and toning muscles.
  • Promotes a healthier cardiovascular system, increases brain activity, and brings overall peace to your mind, body, and soul.
  • Improving the body physically while simultaneously reducing stress will also give you a natural youthful appearance.
  • Inversion poses release oxygen and nutrients to the brain that penetrate through the skin and scalp, giving you a healthy, youthful glow.
  • The FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt is the perfect tool for strengthening the body, increasing your flexibility and alleviating stress.
  • Performing inverted poses will awaken the spine and heighten your overall awareness. Not only is it a healthy workout, it’s also a “real mind-body-spirit experience.”

Our FlyHighYoga Belt will aid in spinal decompression. Through the whole day, with every movement we do, our spine is becoming compressed. This means that the vertebrates are getting closer to each other, squeezing the spine as the day goes by. With the right placement of FlyHighYoga Belt you create more space in our body, your spine will decompress (lengthen), return to its natural curves and create better alignment overall.

FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt represents perfect tool for complete activation of your body. It is easy to strengthen and access the core. In order to get/keep stability in a belt you need to keep the core active. This allows practitioners to feel their core in a new way.

Together with FlyHighYoga Handles the use of a FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt will give you even better tool for your ultimate FlyHighYoga practice, appropriate for advanced practitioner. Considering strengthening, with FlyHighYoga Handles, FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt becomes perfect prop for all TRX based programs as well.

No matter if yoga, pilates, dance, gymnast or any other sport activity practitioner, use of a FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt will enlarge your range of motion which in turn will help you open, bend, extend, rotate, circle every joint or part of the body more.

Stretching will become deeper as the belt will support you and »lead« you further in to a pose. The FlyHighYoga Belt will help you lengthen, lean and “lift”, so that you can create more space in your body and twist deeper.

You will be able to reach your backbends in an extremely supported way with the use of the FlyHighYoga Belt.  Gradually and safely you will be able to deepen your backbends by also becoming aware of opening, lengthening and activating connected parts of your body.

Inversions are easy to access with the support of the FlyHighYoga Belt. There is no muscle tension when doing inversions in the belt. Which means that inversions become relaxing, you are able to stay in them longer time and you avoid risking injuries that can occur while doing inversions with too little muscle strength or engagement in traditional yoga.

Your neck and head will be relaxed, so extra supply of the oxygen will enter your brains and the rest of the body easier. As supported inversions are easier to hold for longer period of time, they will open your head chakras, Ajna and Crown chakra as well, so don’t be surprised if you get completely new perspective and fresh insight on whatever you’ve been thinking about – FlyHighYoga will turn your life literally upside-down.

Inversions will improve your memory and concentration, speed up your digestive system, strengthen immune system, your spine will de-compress and vertebrates will gain extra space filled with oxygen, so you will feel and actually be taller by the end of the FlyHighYoga practice as well (through the day our vertebrates compress so our body is getting »squished«, we shrink). Inversions accelerates oxygen supply to all cells in our body so you will feel (and look) fresh and rejuvenated.

The FlyHighYoga Hanging Belt is extremely precise tool. It makes a significant difference where the belt is placed in a pose. This goes for inversion, as well standing, kneeling or prone poses. Using the FlyHighYoga Belt will lead you to pay more attention to your body alignment, therefore gain bigger body awareness and control.

FlyHighYoga practice will bring you into the presence like nothing else. The FlyHighYoga Belt is a perfect tool for gaining your concentration and calmness of your mind.