FHY™ Benefits

Read about FlyHighYoga™ Benefits, jump in to a FHY™ Belt and rock it!



FHY™ has many benefits. FHY™ Hanging Belt is a prop that allows you to do regular yoga poses (and other moves) on supported way, makes progression of your practice easier to reach, makes it more precise, intense and deep.

If you are already regular yoga practitioner it will deepen your yoga practice, if you are not yoga practitioner at all, you might just become one:


  • Happy spine; corrects and decompresses your spine


Our FHY™ Belt will aid in spinal decompression. Through the whole day, with every movement we do, our spine is becoming compressed, which means vertebrates are getting closer to each other, making the spine more squeezed. With the right placement of FHY™ Belt we create more space in our body, your spine will decompress (lengthen), as well return to its natural curves and create better alignment overall. On our FHY™ Teacher Trainings we will teach you how to maintain this with continued practice as well because we want your spine to be happy. 😉


  • Strengths your core and the rest of your body

FHY™ Hanging Belt represents perfect tool for complete activation of your body. You can work on specific body parts or through complete yoga practice, work spontaneously on the whole body, not even realizing it. The core was never so easy to strengthen, as core, in order get/keep stability in a belt, works in almost every pose (even taking about »just a warrior«). Use of a belt even deepens the effect of traditional yoga strengthening poses.

Together with FlyHighYoga™ Handles the use of a FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt will give you even better tool for your ultimate FHY™ practice, appropriate for advanced practitioner. Considering strengthening, with FHY™ Handles, FHY™ Hanging Belt becomes perfect prop for all TRX based programs as well.



  • Enlarges your range of motions


No matter if yoga, pilates, dance, gymnast or any other sport activity practitioner, use of a FHY™ Hanging Belt will enlarge your range of motions, as it will help you open, bend, extend, rotate, circle every joint or part of the body more.


  • Deepens your stretchings & twists

Stretching will become deeper as the belt will support you and »lead« you further in a pose (try to do the split with the help of a belt and you will quickly understand it). This goes for all poses, no matter if stretching your legs or whole side of your body, FHY™ Belt will help you lengthen, lean or “lift” more, so you will create additional space in your body and be able to twist more as well.



  • Supports you with backbends, allows you to deepen them gradually & safely

You will be able to reach your backbends on extremely supported way which allows you to gradually and safely deepen your backbend – with awareness of opening, lengthening and activating connected body parts. That’s how FHY™ practice can be good preparation for traditional »on floor« yoga practice as well.



  • Makes upside-down poses more safe, enjoyable and easier to reach

Inversions are with the help of the FHY™ Hanging Belt so easy to do. You can go upside-down with just a bit of your effort – because there is no muscle tension inversions are relaxing, you are able to stay in them longer time and you avoid risking injuries that can occur while doing inversions with too little muscle strength or engagement in traditional yoga.


Your neck and head will be relaxed, so extra supply of the oxygen will enter your brains and the rest of the body easier. As supported inversions are easier to hold for longer period of time, they will open more your head chakras, Ajna and Crown chakra as well, so don’t be surprised if you get completely new perspective and fresh insight on whatever you’ve been thinking about – FHY™ will turn your life literally upside-down. 😉

Inversions will improve your memory and concentration, speed up your digestive system, strengthen immune system, your spine will de-compress and vertebrates will gain extra space filled with oxygen, so you will feel and actually be taller by the end of the FHY™ practice as well (through the day our vertebrates compress so our body is getting »squished«, we shrink). Inversions accelerates oxygen supply to all cells in our body so you will feel (and look) fresh and rejuvenated. Read more about benefits of yoga inversions.



  • Helps you to gain body awareness and control

As FHY™ Hanging Belt is extremely precise toll, it makes significant difference where the belt is placed in a pose. This goes for inversion, as well standing, kneeling or prone poses. Use of a FHY™ Belt, together with specific body knowledge of Iyengar yoga, will lead you to pay more attention on alignment of all your body parts so therefore gain bigger body awareness and control.


  • Brings you in a complete presence of “now”

FHY™ practice will bring you in a complete presence, facing (new) movements that need your full attention. No »need« or »self-force« to be focused, the magic happens automatically. Therefore FHY™ Belt is perfect tool for gaining your concentration and calmness of your mind. It is great tool for (first) yoga practice of not yet thrilled yoga practitioners – they just might discover they are yogi by their heart as well. 😉