FHY™ Advanced TT Level 2, 50h

Be among very first FHY™ Trainers around the world, become FHY™ Ambassador and take your unique life opportunity to create worldwide yoga movement! 


FHY™ Advanced Teacher Training, Level 2 is meant for all FHY™ Teachers who already successfully finished FHY™ TT Level 1. It is meant for deepening existing FHY™ Practice and Teaching and creating new FHY™ Trainers that will bring FHY™ Knowledge to next generations of FHY™ Teachers.

It covers FHY™ Advanced Sequencing & Transitions, different styles of FHY™, use of a FHY™ Handles, deeper knowledge on biomechanics and bio movement of the body, wide range of Teaching Techniques, including methods of relaxation and psychology of public speaking.    




This 50 Hours Teacher Training will prepare you to step deeper in to your existing FlyHighYoga™ Practice and Teaching. You will gain additional FHY™ perspectives, it’s diversity, as well deepen your knowledge of body biomechanics and learn how to teach all of that, how to create new FHY™ Teachers.

After completing this six days of FHY™ Advanced TT Level 2, you will be ready to teach FHY™ Workshops & Teacher Trainings all around the world and therefore importantly contribute to it’s word wide spreadings.


FHY™ Advanced Teacher Training Level 2 consist from:

  1. Review of FHY™ biomechanics
  2. FHY™ body bio movement
  3. FHY™ Advanced Sequencing: levels & diversity of sequencing
  4. FHY™ Practice Teaching: Beginners & Advanced FHY™ Classes
  5. Practice Teaching FHY™ biomechanics, explanation, poses & Teachers guidance
  6. Practice Teaching: FHY™ Group Practice
  7. Importance of Transitions, create a flow
  8. FHY™ Handles, TRX based programs
  9. Advanced Teaching Methodology: Techniques of relaxation, voice projection, control of a group, verbal & non-verbal communication
  10. Psychology of Teaching: Public Speaking & NLP Techniques
  11. Meditation, Pranayama & Mystic Healing
  12. Business of FlyHighYoga™: FHY™ Assistant, FHY™ Trainer and FHY™ Agent/Ambassador.



FHY™ Advanced Teacher Trainings Level 2, 6 days:

The dates for the first FHY™ Advanced Teacher Training will be available in a future. 




Tuition Investment, FHY™ Advanced Teacher Training in Indonesia:

6,5 mio IDR regular price (488 USD)

4mio IDR KTP Holder (300 USD).


Price includes:

Yoga Alliance 50 Hours Certification
FHY™ Handles
FHY™ T-shirt



In order to keep the quality of FHY™ School Education and to produce quality FHY™ Teachers further on, ability to teach FHY™’s Workshops and Teacher Trainings consists of more educational levels. We encourage our FHY™ Teachers to have completed general 200h Yoga certificate, to mentor on our FHT™ TT(s) and to bring their FHY™ Teaching Practice on a professional level so they can become true leaders and role models of FHT™ in the world. Although FHY™ Advanced TT will provide you all needed knowledge to become successful FHY™ Trainer and represents important and needed step for all future FHY™ Trainers.

After it’s completion FHY™ Team will guide and support you on all your steps, following your wishes and visions about your participation in word wide FHY™ Movement.


We are happy to help you with your questions, Teacher Training inquiries or others, write us on [email protected]

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