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Jose大师 | Y+ Academy:FlyHighYoga™ in Shanghai

October 18, 2018 - October 22, 2018


This October, the FlyHighYoga™ 40TT with Jose is coming again at Y+ Yoga. FlyHighYoga™ is a kind of Aerial Yoga, but has different characteristics from others. With the ingenious design, the belt allows the practitioner to have a very flexible range of movements – you can find a big tree on your favorite beach, hang up your belt and enjoy the experience of challenging gravity in your favorite environment.


Compared with other rope or hammock used in Aerial Yoga, the belt of FlyHighYoga™ has obvious advantages in design. The belt can precisely surround the specific position of the body to achieve a better and more accurate for alignment. FlyHighYoga™  can intensify floor yoga poses as well, that can stress the spine, increase strength, challenge gravity, increase flexibility, and help you to improve your practice. When the course is completed, you can take 40 hours of continuing education credit of Yoga Alliance. Get ready, and have fun with the gravity!

课程内容 Course Content

1. FlyHighYoga™的入门介绍
      Introduction to FlyHighYoga™
2. 体式顺位的具体讲解 
      Explanation of Asanas Alignment
3. 体式的调整 
      The Adjustment of Asanas
4. 解剖学
5. FlyHighYoga™的商业发展与教学
      FlyHighYoga™ Business & Teaching

老师介绍 About Jose Luis Jimenez

Jose Luis Jimenez是FlyHighYoga™的创始人。他将艾扬格的顺位与自己的发明——空中飞人瑜伽挂绳相结合,带给大家一种全新的瑜伽练习方式。他的教学严谨诚实。长期练习太极与艾扬格瑜伽使Jose对身体、运动原理及顺位有着深刻的了解。他致力于使练习者认识到脊柱顺位的重要性以及脊柱的解压对消除压力、治疗伤痛、精进练习的重要性。他上课幽默风趣,充满激情,他的课堂在趣味中也兼具挑战性以及灵性的提升。

Jose Luis Jimenez is the founder of FlyHighYoga™. He combines the Iyengar Alignment and his FlyHighYoga™, bring us a new way of Yoga practice.

His teaching style is strict and honest, he has a deep understanding on the body, movement and alignment based on his long-term practice of Tai Chi Chuan and Iyengar Yoga. Jose strives to spread awareness of the importance of spinal alignment and decompression to relieve stress, treat injuries and lead to advanced practice. He teaches Yoga with humor and passion, and the classes are fun, challenging, and spiritually uplifting.

Jose Luis Jimenez

FlyHighYoga™ 40TT

  • 日期 Date: 2018/10/18 – 2018/10/22
  • 时间 Time: 8:30am – 5:30pm (含2小时午餐时间 includes 2-hour lunch break)
  • 地点 Location: Y+瑜伽会馆 Y+ Studio
  • 早鸟价 Early Bird Price: 5600 RMB
  • 常规价 Price: 6000 RMB
  • 备注 Notes: 费用包含1条FlyHighYoga™挂绳  (including 1 belt by FlyHighYoga™)


October 18, 2018
October 22, 2018
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