Why become a FlyHigh Yoga teacher?

Why become a FlyHigh Yoga teacher?

Why become a FlyHigh Yoga teacher?

Becoming a yoga teacher is a wonderful and rewarding journey you are about to embark on. To be a yoga teacher means that your dedication to yoga practice has developed into something beyond asana. You are ready to help others develop their personal and spiritual practice.

On the path to becoming a yoga teacher, you practice with as many different teachers and styles as possible so you can develop your own way of teaching yoga. And why not to add something more to your teaching practice?

Everything in our life is becoming too serious, too stressful and FlyHigh yoga can break this pattern. It can distract our mind of the daily routine and help us to become more aware of ourselves. We can also have so much fun with our practice, spreading the joy and happiness to the people is the most rewarding think that you can have as a FlyHigh yoga teacher. Why?

As a FHY teacher, you will add to your student’s life more happiness and joy. Teaching them how to be focused, how to let go of fear and past their limitation stored in the mind. Be the revolutionary teacher that can transform once life.

The 5 pillars of Fly High Yoga

First, the practice is very playful and fun, and when something is fun is easy to learn and practice. When encouraging people to have fun you also encourage the community inside the practice and outside of it. People come and meet each other. When you practice outside and hang out the belt on some tree, other people around you become interesting of what you do and the FlyHigh yoga belt becomes a fantastic tool for socialise with people around you and be part of a community. In every practice, we learn a lot about biomechanics so people who practice FlyHigh yoga become more aware of how the body moves. There are also aspects of mindfulness because when you play with the belt your mind is focusing on the tool and you can forget about everything in this moment. And the last pillar of FlyHigh Yoga is courage because you must cross a line in your mind and go beyond your mental limitations. You must trust the belt and when you do that you can do poses that you never imagine that your body can do. And you breakthrough your fear limitation.

All of this makes FHY practice totally different from the traditional yoga, but at the same time, its roots are from the traditions of Iyengar yoga.  We can break some posture habits and release the tension in our body. Basically, yoga is all about realising the tension in the body, so we can be more mindfulness and can meditate in peace and full awareness.

That’s why we designed a special 50 Hour FlyHigh Yoga Teacher Training that will prepare you to become a fully qualified FlyHigh Yoga Teacher and become an ambassador of transformation, happiness and liberations.

We add something more to that with our FHY Teacher training Level 2, so you can continue to build up your FHY skills and becoming more than an extraordinary teacher.

Our training is a unique opportunity for you to become one of the first teachers and representatives of this attractive, effective and uplifting yoga practice by participating in one of our upcoming Teacher Training.

Beginning with FlyHigh Yoga training

First of all our 50 hours FHY, teacher training is not for teachers only. It’s suitable for all yoga practitioners who want to try and learn a new fun and exciting yoga style, and who knows maybe you can be inspired to become a yoga teacher someday.

We have non-teachers’ students that were inspired to become a yoga teacher after the training.

The 50 Hour Teacher Training is a step-by-step program that will prepare you to understand the fundamentals of FlyHigh Yoga and to become a qualified FlyHigh Yoga Teacher. The training covers the basics of FHY. Through this training, you will learn how to skillfully use the FHY belt, various poses that can be performed with the belt, how the belt can enhance a regular yoga practice and how to safely guide people in and out of those poses. You will have the chance to learn and practice this areal style of yoga with amazing people from all over the world and becoming a part of the fast-growing yoga community. You will gather knowledge that will help you to improve your regular practice too. The training will also cover other topics, such as the anatomy of FlyHigh Yoga, our philosophy, the business of FlyHigh Yoga, pranayama, meditation and mystic healing.

Build up your FlyHigh yoga teacher career

When you learn the fundamentals of FlyHigh Yoga in Level 1 you will be ready to build up your knowledge and to master the teaching FHY. Level 2 will bring out yogis to do any adjustment. There are several kinds of level two, such adjustment, Pilates, Thai Massage, TRX, etc.

The most important here is that every level two you gather another 50 hours so you can keep doing it and when you get four courses of 50 Hour FlyHigh Yoga, you can combine it to become 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certificate.

Remember every Level 2 will cover different topics. So you will learn more new things to perfect your teaching. The training will go deeper about hands-on adjustment because it can be a powerful tool for helping yoga student find better alignment, relaxation, stability, and extension. It is very important to know the way to approach adjustment and assist the yoga student. In those upcoming training we will cover topics like:

Meditation, pranayama, and mystic healing session; Anatomy of FlyHigh Yoga, focusing on Iyengar yoga origin of it; Theory of adjustment in Yoga practice; Art in giving adjustment and so on.

The benefits of becoming a FlyHigh Yoga teacher

Joining our yoga community you will receive a certificate of FlyHigh Yoga School, approved by Yoga Alliance and you will become a qualified FlyHigh Yoga teacher Trainer, able to teach FlyHigh Yoga at all studios in the world. Taking our training you can start your own FlyHigh Yoga business and/or studio and we can help you with that as we can offer you a business partnership. You can also be earning an extra income through FlyHigh Yoga product and training sales.

You can have the chance to revisit a training as a mentor which will help you gain more knowledge – FREE OF CHARGE!

This is the first step in becoming a future FlyHigh Yoga Workshop and Teacher Training trainer. And the ability to eventually teach FlyHigh Yoga Training anywhere in the world under the FlyHigh Yoga Umbrella.

We are looking forward to sharing our passion and knowledge of FlyHigh Yoga with you and for you to share this knowledge with those around you. Check our upcoming Level 1 and Level 2 training and take the first step to become a certified FHY teacher.

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