Want to be a better dancer? Do yoga, learn why!

Want to be a better dancer? Do yoga, learn why!

Want to be a better dancer? Do yoga, learn why!

Dancing is a powerful form of movement art, which gives every individual to express themselves through their very own unique bodies. Dance may look effortless, but it requires a lot of strength, flexibility and stamina.

Professional dancers are facing a lot of injuries when they practice. Dance is a physically challenging activity. Studies have shown that dancing five hours a day or longer leads to increased risk of stress fractures and other injuries. The intensive training that many dancers have gets them a little time to recover between the sessions. Dance can sometimes be painful for the body and actually increase the levels of anxiety.

This is where yoga can be really beneficial to dancers.

When dancers practising yoga on a regular basis, can help them to develop concentration and focus and fights stress. Yoga calms down the mind and gives more sense of inner awareness. Dancing is a very competitive career and could have a negative impact on some individuals. Yoga is quite the opposite. Yoga encourages a non-competitive and accepting attitude toward the body and this more compassionate and accepting way of approaching physicality could be so helpful during times of injury or stress.

Yoga creates a deep internal awareness of the body. An enhanced bodily awareness can allow you to move more freely and clearly, potentially improving your dancer’s movement. Working through movement to improve your whole self can create something which is continuous and has depth and it’s beneficial to your wellbeing.

Do FlyHigh Yoga for better flexibility and body awareness.

To be an amazing dancer you need to be flexible, to have balance and a really good sense of your body, so you can express all kind of emotions through your dance. So to achieve all of that you need something to help you. Meet FlyHigh yoga the perfect aerial yoga practice that can uplift your dancing career and help you get more in-depth knowledge of your body and movement. With FHY and the help of the belt that we use to perform the yoga asanas, it’s easy to build muscle strength and flexibility.

Having good flexibility goes far beyond a bit of stretching after your dance class. Imagine being able to go through your day-to-day life and practice without having any aches or pains, and no sore muscles.  That sounds amazing, right? Flexibility is about your freedom and being able to move freely with comfort and ease in your every dance sequence.

FlyHigh Yoga is a great way to mix up your usual dance routine and push your body to go deeper and be stronger in your poses. In addition to improving your posture balance during your dance performance, the support and suspension that you receive in FlyHigh yoga can improve your focus on your body so you can have more awareness of your body edges and movements.

When you dance and your vertebrae sit stacked, being pulled down into each other by gravity. This is why turning yourself over, upside down and allowing your spine to be free of that pressure can help you feel lengthened and relaxed. This really helps to release all the stress and pressure that is accumulated in your body.

The positions you can achieve in FlyHigh yoga also improve circulation. This brings you focus and improve the energy following in your body.

Whit FlyHigh Yoga you will learn new skills, work on your muscles and develop strength you never knew you had it’s a great workout for your core and upper body. After regular practising you will have stronger posture, your movement will become more stable and you will have full control of your body movements. This will help you and inspire you when you are preparing your next dance choreography.

If you want to learn more about how FlyHigh Yoga can benefit your dancing career, sign up for our next FlyHigh Yoga trading or visit some of our regular classes around the world.

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