FlyHigh yoga for beginners

FlyHigh yoga for beginners

FlyHigh yoga for beginners

Yoga can be fun, a source of joy and mental health, inner peace and happiness. Especially FlyHigh yoga, if you never try an aerial style of yoga till now we can tell you that from all of the aerial yoga styles this is the best one!

Whether or not you’re familiar with yoga, the idea of doing yoga in the air can seem kind of odd or really exciting. FlyHigh yoga doesn’t mean you’re going to be doing downward dog on a trapeze. Instead, you’ll be supported by a soft belt which allows your body to let gravity do some of the work.

Before we begin, let us tell you the story of this amazing yoga style. FlyHigh Yoga is a new, attractive and versatile style of yoga inspired by Iyengar yoga. It started in 2012 in a beautiful and inspiring city in Bali – Ubud, with the development of the FlyHigh Yoga Belt. This belt is a simple and unique tool for a gravity-defying, creative, fun, precise and alignment-based style of yoga. With The FlyHigh Yoga belt, you are able to do regular yoga poses and other gravity-defying moves in a supported way. This makes the progression of the practice easier, more precise, more intense and more fun!

Many yogis barely use props, mostly because they have never seen where they fit into their practice. The belt, however, is a whole different story. By using the FlyHigh belt, you can open your body to stretches in entirely new ways. Also if you are new in yoga practice you can find it much easier with the help of the belt.

Are you ready to get started with FlyHigh yoga?

FlyHigh yoga can be performed by almost anyone but requires certain safety measures to avoid injury. The most important thing is to adjust your belt right and understand how to perform certain poses. Wear comfortable clothing, ideally long sleeve shirts and long pants so as to avoid uneasiness caused by the belt rubbing against the skin. Most importantly, start off slowly and progress at a cautious pace.

Is it difficult?

Of course not. FlyHigh yoga isn’t necessarily as difficult to do as it is to get used to. The hardest part is getting used to the belt, and learning how to move in it. Once you get comfortable, you should find the poses easier and more comfortable to perform. You will find that, because of the belt and the gravity you can feel your body in totally different ways.

What to expect in your first FlyHigh yoga class?

Expect to laugh a lot and to have an amazing fun. You don’t need to have a regular yoga practice to go to your first FlyHigh yoga class. You’ll start on the ground with plenty of time to get used to the belt first. The FlyHigh yoga can be really physical practice and you will notice that you work on differed muscles groups on your body. At the point when you’re upside down, you’re really only about 3 inches off the ground, so don’t be afraid to fly. You’ll leave class feeling taller and lighter.

FlyHigh yoga is for everyone! Challenge yourself with something new and give it a try. Before you know it, you will be doing a lot of amazing poses that wouldn’t be possible without the FlyHigh yoga belt. Sing up to our next FlyHigh yoga training and bring something new to your yoga practice.





Bali – the paradise for every yoga practitioner

Bali – the paradise for every yoga practitioner

Bali – the paradise for every yoga practitioner

Have you ever dreamed for a place so peaceful, full of harmony, happiness and breathless nature? This kind of land exist and you can find everything that you have dreamed of in Bali, the island of the Gods. From the mountains till the beautiful costs and the volcanoes, the island gives every traveler and spiritual seekers everything they ever need.

There is a spiritual sensation in the Balinese land that you can feel in every house, every little street, in the honest smiles of the locals and even in the amazing healthy food.

From many years Bali is called the paradise of every person who seeks spiritual healing, awakening and wants to sink into the depths of yoga practice. The beautiful city of Bali, Ubud becomes the yoga Mecca among spiritual seekers and vegans. Here you can find the most popular and amazing yoga studios, and of course the teachers from all over the world. This is the ultimate culture and spiritual hub in the world that you are looking for. Here you are some our best reasons why to choose Bali for your yoga trip.

All you need for your yoga practice in paradise

You can find a thousand amazing yoga studios for your daily practice on the island. Professional and certified yoga teachers will help you to evolve your practice with different new techniques. And don’t worry if you are a beginner, Bali is the best place to start your yoga journey. All studios are fully equipped and you don’t need to bring any gear. All the teachers have a really interesting story to tell you and to awaken in you something new and inspiring. They have a lot of experience so they will be able to teach and lead you to go safely to your personal limits. You will finish every class with a sense of physical and mental accomplishment.

The beauty of Bali is beyond words so you can find a lot of studios which are set in wonderful locations.

You can practice in the middle of the jungle surrounded by palms and a beautiful nature or you can enjoy the view of the ocean and meditate on sunset. Dreamy, yeah?

Discover the paradise of different yoga practice

If you are in a deep search to connect with your own, true self again, just choose some of the amazing and spiritual training, workshops and retreats that Bali can offer you. Be open minded and try all the different yoga style classes. Learn more about Vinyasa, Bikram or aerial yoga. When you are in Bali you can develop your practice to new ways. Don’t stuck to just one type of practice. Some of the best yoga teachers are here for you. Learn from one of the best gurus in the world.

Embrace the unknown and let your soul lead you to the path of enlightenment.

Whit  every class and training that you sign up to, you will find a soulmates friends, a new family that will support you and help you to discover the best parts of your personality.

Take your life to the next level and unlock a whole new world of peace, happiness, fulfillment and possibilities. Learn about the roots of yoga practice and discover new and fresh yoga styles inspired by the ancient yoga teachings. Bali can offers you a spiritual home and beautiful environment in which you can rediscover and heal yourself. Be brave, face your fears and let your soul fly.


How yoga can help you with stress, depression and anxiety?

How yoga can help you with stress, depression and anxiety?

How yoga can help you with stress, depression and anxiety?

The dynamic of our daily lives often leads to depression, stress and anxiety. If you ever felt overwhelmed, tensed and lost interest in everything that once makes you happy, maybe the depression got you in an unpleasant hug.

This crappy feeling leaves you without energy, no motivation and sadness. But there is a way that you can break up with these feelings and embrace the happiness again. There are scientific proves that yoga can help you overcome all of those feelings.

Stress is caused by worrying about the future, you’re re not in the present moment – you’re in the future. Anxiety is worrying about the past events, its different kind of stress.

When we don’t get the things we want the depression comes. But usually, those things can bring us a temporary happiness. Understand that the mind is not designed to find happiness, is designed to search for happiness all the time.  Any happiness related to time, its temporary happiness.

Real happiness is within you, it’s not related with the mind. Happiness is a decision, the mind is the problem and hard to satisfy. Enjoying the moment that you are right now with all of its beauty. Enjoying yourself, that’s the real happiness.

Yoga is so much than physical exercise that can help you burn some calories and tone your muscles. It’s a total mind-body workout that can help you feel yourself again and realise all the stress and tension in your mind and body. Yoga helps you to fight symptoms, such as difficulty in concentrating or loss of energy.

A study published by the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, the following benefits of yoga have been reported in a state of depression:

  • Helps you to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Allows you to control your moods
  • You have better control of your emotions
  • You will be mentally stronger to face different situations

These are just some of the benefits that yoga can do to you, just with an hour practice and sometimes even less. Anyone who has attended at least one yoga practice can tell you how relaxed and full of fresh energy occurs in the mind and the body.

The perfect antidote for a number of problems.

Yoga can be used to treat various diseases, but it is particularly useful for those that affect our physical and mental health. Depression is more than a state of spirit – it also reflects our physical health. A migraine, stomach pain, heart disorder … all these symptoms can be due to depression. Practising yoga allows you to control your breathing, digestive problems and the anxiety about anything within your body. The imbalance in the body is the first singh that we are under stress or we are depressed. Yoga will allow you to leave your home and communicate with the world instead of closing yourself and nourishing depression. Contacting other people, engaging in something interesting, doing exercise, relaxing, and reassuring the mind is the best treatment for the unpleasant depression that is lurking around the corner.

Raises the mood

When depression suddenly appears, everything becomes dark and pessimistic. While in fact, this is not true, this is just your mind trick you in this dark thoughts. If you are sad, everything around you looks negative and you believe that only bad things will happen to you. Yoga will make you realise the fact that it is really up to you to change your behaviour and your worldview. You will learn to recognize better your emotions and your feelings. The only way to start coping with these dark thoughts is to understand your feelings. Sometimes yoga is also associated with a meditation, which with no doubt makes it more effective.

Yoga will allow you to improve your flexibility and balance – not only physically but also spiritually. Yoga will help you get to know and heal your mind and soul from within. Get rid of your depression by trying something new and different, which will surely be useful to you. Do not let depression take you away from you.