Healing the mind, body and the spirit with yoga

Healing the mind, body and the spirit with yoga

Healing the mind, body and the spirit with yoga

The world is energy, all kinds of energy that affect our lives and wellbeing.  From the beginning of our lives till the end we stored our emotions, fears, feelings, problems, strength, and weakness and so on in our bodies. They are the source of our health or illness. The energy can make our bodies sick or can health it.

Sri Ramana Maharshi once said, that “Fixing the mind on psychic centres such as the sahasrara (the thousand-petalled lotus chakra), yogis remain any length of time without awareness of their bodies.  As long as this state continues they appear to be immersed in some kind of joy.  But when the mind which has become tranquil emerges and becomes active again it resumes its worldly thoughts.  It is, therefore, necessary to train it. With it becomes externalised.  It will then attain a state in which there is neither subsidence nor emergence.”

As we said at the beginning, we are all made of energy and we can heal through it. The mind controls everting. We can tuning our body energy and switch our emotions with our intention we can truly change our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By diving into our heart and mind, and unite with our true self.

Our two bodies

Let’s say that we have two bodies that we live in.  We have the physical body and also we have an energy body. This energy body is connected to our physical body. By healing the energy body, you are healing the physical body. When you are not feeling well physically, it is probably due to one or more of your chakras being discharged or blocked. This basically means that there is either too much or not enough energy in the chakras. We need to have the right amount of energy for our physical body to function correctly.

The body can look like a series of vibrations ranging in increasing density from “true self” to the physical body. Yoga teaches us that the mind affects the body as much as the body affects the mind, while spirit interacts with both. Yoga seeks a balance between the mind, body and spirit. And it works mainly through the body to achieve this balance. All types of yoga will enhance the energy flow in our body.

Yoga can unite our mind and our body

Practising yoga we can release physical and emotional knots held in the body through a process of gentle stretching of muscles and fascia. Yoga can teach the mind and body to release tension and to let go. If we observe how we and our bodies react to the different asanas this can tell us so much about our blockages, problems, fears or where our strength is. Look carefully your reactions when you performer the defriend asanas. How they make you feel, comfortable or the opposite? Do you can fully relax in the position, can you let go? Through yoga, we can understand and find out if our mind and body are united. Yoga practice can work to enhance the energy systems of the body. We can combine different poses to draw energy from the root chakra up and into the crown with music and mantras. In this way, we work on the physical level and mind-spirit level. Breathing exercises or pranayama helps the circulation of energy through the breath. Meditation at the end of most of the practice can help on re-training the mind and body to relax.

As we energized the body through yoga and other means, the physical and emotional attributes corresponding to that frequency are also energized, as is our consciousness. The body holds our emotions. When we have a blocked emotion, the chakra that corresponds to the part of the body holding that emotion is also blocked. When the energy starts flowing through the practice of yoga and other means, the blocks dissolve and the emotions open. It takes deep trust to release these blockages, but it can be done by getting the prana moving through yoga and other spiritual practices. Yoga is the only practice that concentrates on the physical and mental.