Sculpt your body with the best workout ever – FlyHigh Pilates

Sculpt your body with the best workout ever – FlyHigh Pilates

Sculpt your body with the best workout ever – FlyHigh Pilates

Maybe some of you know that Pilates was created in a search for better health and optimal physique. This practice focuses on eight principles: concentration, breath, centring, control, precision, movement, isolation and routine. Pilates movements and activation gently lengthen muscles, guiding them into leaner shapes. Even the fittest athletes will find some of the moves challenging and difficult. Pilates  Method is not only a series of exercises but a unique approach to movement. It will change the way you look, think and feel. Pilates can provide that long, toned body you desire.

With Pilates practice you tone your core appropriately, improving your posture, stabilising and elongating the spine, and developing balance and overall strength. Pilates is a movement based practice rather than being posture based. In a typical Pilates session, you might include 6 to 8 movements which are repeated 6 to 10 times each. The focus is on all of the eight principles, control and precision. All movements in Pilates are designed sequentially to benefit the body.

Pilates is an absolute killer workout to develop long lean muscles, great posture, deep abdominal strength and core stability. This is a really effective sculpting workout that isolates and recruits muscle groups and focuses on building longer and leaner muscles as opposed to short and bulky.

Knowing this, we created the FlyHigh Pilates. We are inspired by people who love this practice and appreciate an intelligent workout which provides the opportunity for a long, lean, healthy body.

FlyHigh Pilates is an extraordinary new extension of the Classic Pilates Method. The FlyHigh Yoga Belt can mimic the effect of Pilates studio equipment. With the FlyHigh Yoga Belt, you don’t need a big studio or expensive equipment to furnish it. You can hang the belt almost anywhere and perform all desired moves. The FlyHigh Belt is an excellent tool to tone your abdominal muscles.  With FlyHigh Pilates you can develop strength in the deeper core muscles.

Explore new territory in your FlyHigh Pilates workout!

This August we are launching our first special training, focusing only on the Pilates Method, using the FlyHighYoga Belt to guide you to create the best Pilates workout for yourself and your students.

FlyHigh Pilates is the newest suspension training program from FlyHigh Yoga. Transferring the Pilates movement narrative to the FlyHighYoga Belt is a natural fusion and evolution of FHY and Pilates. This technique allows practitioners to perform classic and contemporary Mat, Reformer and Cadillac movements on the FlyHigh Yoga Belt! FlyHigh Pilates classes take core-conditioning and targeted muscle toning to new heights. Join us to explore the amazing benefits that can be derived from training in the Pilates Method on the FlyHigh Yoga Belt.

In this training, you will learn the anatomy of FlyHigh Yoga (Iyengar Yoga origin) with a contemporary understanding of biomechanics as used in the Pilates Method. After completing the training you will know how to skillfully adapt the FHY Belt for Pilates practice and how to build the perfect FlyHigh Pilates workout. We will teach you how to use Pilates movements effectively so that you can experience the ultimate results in your own body as well as in the bodies of those you teach. You can see the full program of the training here. If you want to expand your training repertoire – sign up for this novel approach to Pilates and become one of the first FlyHigh Pilates teachers. You can sign up here

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