If you want to improve the alignment in your yoga practice, read this

If you want to improve the alignment in your yoga practice, read this

If you want to improve the alignment in your yoga practice, read this

No matter if you are new in yoga or you have years of practising, the alignment is one of the most important things. When you are practising the most common thing that you hear at yoga classes is to listen to your body.

We all have different bodies, some of us are “blessed” with stiffness and yoga helps to release all the tension in your body, others are “cursed” with flexibility and can move through each asana very easily and effortlessly. But why alignment is so important?

First, let us explain to you what alignment really means.

The simplest explanation is that Alignment is the ideal way that a pose should be done. But what “ideal” means? As we mentioned we all have different bodies, so don’t freak out of the word “ideal”. In this case, it means ideal to your body. The alignment is actually more about the process to put your body in the right position than an end result. Also, the different styles of yoga have their own understanding of the alignment. Iyengar and Ashtanga, for example, are like the “yoga police” in the yoga world. In this practice, it’s all about the perfect alignment. And with all the props that are used in these practices, you can achieve the “perfect” alignment for your body. But let’s be honest, these practices are often hard for beginners or sometimes boring for regular practitioners. Also besides all the pros used during those practices, you still can’t do a handstand for example or you just can’t find your balance and you lurch all the time. So is there an option that can help you with all of that? Let’s find out.

FlyHigh Yoga – the alignment-based style of yoga

Using the right tool is the key to improve your alignment in your yoga practice. The FlyHigh Yoga Hanging Belt is a fantastic tool used for performing aerial yoga, but also the perfect tool to help you to find the “perfect” alignment for your body. The belt is there to support you and help you to fix your posture habits. A FlyHigh yoga belt is excellent to intensifying your ground yoga poses. Using it can relieve tension in the muscles, elongate and decompresses the spine, and increase flexibility. Practising FlyHigh yoga is the perfect complimentary practice that can help you to correct your alignment. Also is a great workout to build up straight in your hands, body core, your back and legs. For the beginners in yoga is a really fun and challenging experience. All of them can practice all of the regular standings poses with the help of the belt and build confidence on the mat. With the FlyHigh Yoga belt, you are able to do regular yoga poses and other gravity-defying moves in a supported way. This makes the progression of your practice easier, more precise, more intense and more fun! Other amazing benefits of practising FlyHigh yoga is that with the help of the belt, even if this is your first time on the mat you can do poses that you can’t do in the regular poses like handstand.

You can practice FlyHigh Yoga everywhere, alone or with a partner – used as a tool in pairs or groups will bring you even greater joy, fun and creativity, you can work with your partner(s) as well on deep adjustments, though on our FlyHigh Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Practising FlyHigh Yoga can increase the connection with your bodies. Focusing on alignment fosters your growing sense of body awareness and boosts your self-confidence. Correct alignment also helps you be aware of your posture in your everyday life. This ultimately goes a long way in enhancing a good physical posture and appearance.




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