Easy ways to defeat and relief the back pain

Easy ways to defeat and relief the back pain

Easy ways to defeat and relief the back pain

Yoga is one of the most effective remedies for helping soothe the back pain. If the practice is done right, it can help to stretch and strengthen muscles that support the back and the spine, if yoga practice is used in conjunction with physical therapy, it can improve the muscle movement and focus the mind. The combination of the two goes well beyond flexibility and strength building.

Yoga practice is recommended to avoid the wrong posture of the body, which is the main source of back pain. Unfortunately, many people bring their incorrect posture routine into their practice. In this cases, the practice isn’t helping and even can worsen the problem. The best solution is yoga practice that is based on alignments, like FlyHigh Yoga for example. By practising that kind of yoga practice people can heal and create a spine decompressions.

To support that, we talked with one of the best experts on this topic in Bali – Pascal Steenbakkers, a Senior Physiotherapist Consultant at Bodywise Bali-Therapy Centre, Seminyak. He is Dutch with more than 22 years of clinical experience, specialized in sports injuries, acupuncture, dry needling and spinal injuries. Pascal is one of the most booked physiotherapist consultants in the region who helps numerous people from all over the world. He frequently combines spinal treatments with the Fly High Yoga belt. The top 3 injury areas he regularly sees in his practice are shoulder, knee and spinal problems.

Lower back pain can cause problems that involve nerve irritation or compression that can lead to hip and knee pain.  It is not uncommon to have back pain with knee pain as well.  When your lower back hurts, you could change the way that you walk which could cause your knee and hip to start hurting.  Sometimes the knee injury occurs first.  Then due to an abnormal gait pattern, the hip or the lower back will become painful.

“Different types of back pain need a different kind of approaches. When I advise a patient to use the FHY belt, it is mainly to reduce the disc pressure, which is very helpful. Not only gives it immediate pain relief, but it helps them to also rehydrate the disc over time. They should use it on a daily base for about 10 mins.” – says Pascal.

One of the greatest benefits of Fly High Yoga is that it provides major spinal decompression, offering relief from different forms of back pain. With this decompression of the joints and spine, proper alignment and posture can be achieved with more ease. Additional benefits of this type of yoga are increased upper body circulation and it significantly improves strength, stability and flexibility at any level of practice. A great full body workout in each class since almost every part of the body is utilized, strengthened and stretched throughout the class.

According to Pascal, yoga is beneficial for most of us. It builds strength, coordination and flexibility. Relaxation and reducing stress is very important these times as well. Emotional stress often is the reason for different kind of back, shoulders and neck pain.

Pascal practices FlyHigh yoga himself and recommends the FlyHigh yoga belt mainly for spinal decompression. “It feels great and it definitely reduces my lower back pain (also from my patients). It also brings more blood to the brain, which increases the oxygen level. So who knows, I might become a bit smarter as well.” – says Pascal.

The FlyHigh Yoga hanging belt is a fantastic tool used to perform aerial yoga. Optimum for restorative inverted poses and intensifying your ground yoga poses. FHY Belt is a lifestyle tool for alleviating stress, releasing tension and strengthening the body and the mind.

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