FHY™ Belt Installation

If you want to hang your FlyHighYoga™ and start practicing, but you are not sure yet how and where you can do it, read instructions below.



How to install the FHY™ Hanging Belt?


FHY™ Hanging Belt is super easy to install.

If the place you are hanging your FHY™ Belt is higher than two metres, you will also need extension ropes that you’ve received in a FHY™ Package (beside the FHY™ Belt and two FHY™ wooden Blocks). Depends on a height you will need one or two extension ropes on each side. To tight the black extensions together in a pairs, place one end of extension through loop on another extension, than thread the first end of extension another loop that you have on same extension, pull for the first end and the extensions are tight. If the place you are wrapping your FHY™ Hanging belt is higher, you can use and other longer rope, tighten together as well.

If the place you are hanging your FHY™ Belt doesn’t need extensions, just wrap one side of the belt around whatever thing it is available for you to hang the belt, than grab the loop on a belt with two fingers and pull through the loosen fabric part of the belt to create a new loop. Place the wooden FHY™ Block in and pull down with the fabric so the block tightens. Repeat on the other side and your FHY™ Hanging Belt is ready to use.






You can check demonstration of belt installation in our FHY™ Video Gallery, video Belt Installation and video FHY™ Safety.



Where to install the FHY™ Hanging Belt?


For FHY™ Belt you have various options to hang.

FHY™ recommends you to take your FHY™ Belt out as much as possible. Fresh air gives every activity another dimension and so it goes for FHY™ as well.

  • a tree; find a tree in a nearest park, forest or on a beach and enjoy the FHY™ in nature, what can be better that this?

  • children playground; you can use all of the metal structures, placed on a children playground like swings, climbing structures and other frames. One thing you can be sure: you will not be the only one enjoying your belt as you will quickly get the company of curious children eyes, wanting to play with FHY™ Belt as well. 🙂
  • workout structures; outside or inside, workout structures for lifting or hanging other workout tools are great for hanging FHY™ Belt as well.
  • wooden or metal beams, available in a privacy of your home or on any other building next to it. Just find something horizontal that you can wrap around your FHY™ Hanging Belt and you are ready to go.
  • chin-up bar; you can place it  between every door. This position will allow you to move with the belt forward and back, yet sideways moves will be hard to do. It is still solution for you to practice FHY™ till your eyes doesn’t catch something else – when you start to pay attention, you quickly see/find solution. 😉