FHY™ Teachers



Jose L. Jimenez

CEO & Founder, Lead Teacher

Bali & Worldwide


Jose Luis Jimenez is the founder of FlyHighYoga™ and it’s main teacher. He teaches FHY™ Teacher Trainings all over the world, from Bali as FHY™’s began, to China, Malaysia and Europe. He is a long-term yogi, practicing and teaching different yoga styles, from Iyengar, Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga, combining all his knowledge in his specialty, biomechanics of human body. One you understand that, you understand all is his message with which convinces on every Teacher Training he does. As a father of FlyHighYoga™ he takes care for quality education of FHY™ Teachers and educate FHY™ Trainers to help him spread the knowledge and passion of FlyHighYoga™.

Read more about Jose on: FHY School.




Tomomi Kojima

Bali & Asia


Tomomi has lived in Japan, Canada and now Bali. She has trained extensively in North America as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer focused in the concept of vinyasa or flow. Her classes stir energetic awakening and she will help bring you right into the present moment. Tomomi is also a great writter and her articles has been published in a relevant magazines as “The Elephant Journal”.





Svetlana Bardakova

Europe & Asia


Svetlana’s first contact with Yoga was 10 years ago with the Art of Living yoga style. In 2009 she move from her native town in Siberia to Bali Island in Indonesia. A personal journey of inner questioning led her to develop an intensive practice of meditation.

To be able to keep the meditation posture for long periods of time, in 2010 she started practicing Iyengar Yoga. Svetlana found it to be a very mature and complete form of asana practice that is applicable to all styles of Yoga.
At this point when her interst in Yoga starter to grow, she could feel her potential as Yoga Teacher.  Svetlana have always felt a strong pull to share with people what she know and enjoy.

In November 2012 she get her certification to teach FlyHighYoga from founder Jose Luis Jimenez. As a Yoga instructor, Svetlana strives to bring a sence of playfulness & beauty to her students’ practice, placing emphasis on smiling through the difficult poses & letting go of self-criticism both on & off the mat.



Chris Krusch



Practising stretching routines for ten years in preparation for surfing, Chris discovered he had a yoga asana practice without even realizing it! For Chris, yoga represents the natural evolution of all of his passions – leading to the connection of mind, body and spirit in order to enjoy life fully in the present moment.

Flyhighyoga enables Chris to totally let go of all body tension, focus on the breath and sink into a deep stretch to open up to relaxation. Chris completed his Flyinghighyoga training in Bali in 2014 and as a teacher is very happy to be able to guide his students in this very transformative and deeply relaxing practice.

With his main home base in Indonesia since 2002, Chris speaks German, English and Indonesian.



Sebastian Mora

South East Asia (India, Thailand, Bali)


Sebastian is a South American certified Yoga Instructor RYT 500+ born in the Chilean Patagonia and trained in Northern India. He has been travelling the world studying, teaching and exploring disciplines he is really passionate about, like Yoga Philosophy, Meditation and Tantra.

Sebastian has been featured in Chilean wellness journals like Sana Magazine and is the founder of LiveTeachYoga.com, as a way to support and empower Yoga Teachers to build a career and live from their passion.

He has been teaching classes, workshops and Teacher Trainings in Yoga in India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and South America, his classes are fun and inspiring. He strongly believes that observation is the key that leads to understanding, so creating the space to observe ourselves through meditation, breathing and movement is highly necessary to understand our deeper self and in consequence, to understand everything.



Maite Méndez

Gili Air


Our Spanish Yoga Alliance certified teacher and founder of Mandalablue Yoga @ Blue Marine Dive Resort has being teaching Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga, Flyhigh yoga and Hatha since 2012 in Germany and Indonesia. With a background in the creative industry, Maite knows from own experience the impacts of stress and a settled lifestyle in our lives, bodies and minds.

After two years in between Europe and South East Asia, she finally decided to open this oceanfront studio in conjuction with Blue Marine Dive Resort on Gili Air.

A passionate scuba and freediver, Maite finds the same benefits in these activities as in yoga; “it is all about the breath”. Blue Marine Yoga is the result of a life long process in which the blue waters of the ocean and the blissful of yoga are combined.



Angela Pérez

Bali, Changgu


Angela is teaching at Desa Seni (Canggu, Bali) since 2013 and she is a passionate and dedicated yogini, with a refined blend of Spanish born fire and deep love and gratitude for this life. It is equally her joy and honour to teach, study and share yoga in the world and her deep calling to walk the path of the heart both on and off the mat.

Angela’s teaching style mirrors the way she practices, with complete joy and commitment to the path. She truly embodies the understanding that practice is a gift and holds firm to her intention to be a radiant example of the true joy, power and potential of yoga. Angela is completely devoted to her daily practice. Her role as a teacher is a natural extension of the commitment she has for it. She has lectured and taught in many parts of the world on Yogic Philosophy, Tantra, Ayurveda and Kundalini and gratefully enjoys teaching Teacher Training Courses, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and FlyHigh Yoga currently at Desa Seni. Angela is a Yoga Alliance Internationally Certificated yoga instructor at both RYT-500 and E-RYT 500 level.


Carolina Palmeiro

California, USA

Yoga practitioner and artist , strong believer that music  has great power to Influenced positive change in people.
Fascinate for inversions. Passionate for sharing love and her love of yoga to the world.
As a child started with gymnastic artistic and combining it with yoga was a new beginning In Asia; Influenced and trained by FLYHIGHYOGA team to continue her enthusiasm of inspiring souls around the universe .
 Her precise hands-on adjustments help students to access and awaken the life force in dormant areas of the body. Grateful for the power of FlyHighYoga.
Currently living and working at “I Am Equilibriumin” yoga studio in Miami (Florida) .


Hayley Lawrence


Hayley was trained as a yoga teacher in 2005 with a 250 hour Yoga Alliance UK teacher in London.
She has been teaching yoga since 2005 to groups, and privately full time since 2007. During this time she has been teaching in schools, and to children of all ages.
She has been holding regular luxury wellness retreats since 2007 in Australia and overseas.
Having a retreat company based in Australia (www.radiantbeing.com.au), established in 2007, in  2015 she added to her yoga menu SUP and FlyHighYoga™. She plans to
build a FlyHighYoga™ on their luxury eco retreat property on the South Coast of Australia as well.



Wanda Badwal

Bali, Canggu

Wanda recently moved to Bali following her path of self-development. She loves to work with you on challenging asanas to bring out your highest potential while also bringing you into Yin postures for deep healing.
Wanda has a 250 hrs. Yoga Alliance Certification from Spirit Yoga Berlin and recently completed the Fly High Yoga Teacher Training with Radiantly Alive.
She has also studied dance, music, pre- and postnatal yoga, aerial yoga, and Reiki.

She is excited to share her passion about yoga and movement. She loves to inspire and encourage people in their way of self growth. Wanda offers you a powerful, dynamic vinyasa flow that is taught lovingly from the heart.

She is currently teaching different styles of  yoga in The Practice, Canggu (Bali).