About FHY™

Experience modern and attractive yoga style with traditional knowledge of Iyengar yoga!


FlyHighYoga™ (FHY™) is popular and relatively new style of yoga. It appeared in 2012 in Ubud, Bali with development of FHY™ Hanging Belt, simple and unique tool for different, precise and alignment-based style of modern yoga practices.



Founder of FlyHighYoga™ is Jose Luis Jimenez, spanish long-term yoga enthusiast and practitioner, originally trained in Thai Chi and Iyengar yoga (more about the founder:  FHY™ School). His inspiration for FlyHighYoga™ Hanging Belt was in yoga Kurunta (use of a rope) from Iyengar yoga tradition. Therefore FHY™ keeps all the traditional yoga knowledge, transformed in attractive, intense and fun approach to yoga.

FHY™’s unique mixture gives users unlimited possibilities of use. Because of it’s creativity, playfulness and attractive new approach it brings yoga practice closer even to users who have never been interested in (traditional) yoga before.  And to long-term yogis, it helps them to deepen their practice, no matter strengthening, stretching, joint mobility or spiritual aspects of yoga. FHY™ is therefore a bridge to good physical, mental and spiritual health for almost all groups of society.



Similarities and differentiations to other aerial or antigravity yoga styles

FHY™ might look similar to other aerial or antigravity yogas, popular so much these days. The differentiation to other yogas, using hammock, silks, swings etc. is in the prop itself – FHY™ Hanging Belt, as well FHY™’s knowledge and it’s philosophy, message that it stands for:

–       PROP; FHY™ Hanging Belt is the most versatile, simple and at the same time, the most precise prop among all. It’s simplicity consists from only few cm wide parachute fabric lines, two wooden blocks and padding on the bottom for softer support. Therefore FHY™ Hanging Belt takes the least space, it is the easiest for installation and carrying around – so it can be your perfect travel partner as well. It’s preciseness will lead practitioner to bigger body awarness as it matters »where exactly do you place a belt«.

–       BODY KNOWLEDGE; FHY™ focus on body alignment. Leaning on tradition of Iyengar yoga it makes significant difference to other antigravity and aerial yogas that focuses predominantly on acrobatic/dance oriented way of movement. With FHY™ we are keeping all the knowledge that yoga has developed since it`s origin, yet put it another shape, using gravity and prop itself for even deeper and more effective modern yoga practice.

–       PHILOSOPHY; FHY™ carries philosophy of big happy family. It encourages values of fun, integrity, mindfulness, courage and community and motivates FHY™’s family members (students, teachers, trainers, others) to absorb and live the mission and message of »flying high« – with spreaded wings towards happy and fulfilled life.


5 pillars of FHY™ are:

  • FUN; everything is easier through fun, right? 😉
  • INTEGRITY; of yoga body knowledge and FHY™ Teachers & Trainers.
  • MINDFULNESS; use of a belt will force you to be completely present through your entire practice.
  • COURAGE; you will need a little bit of that when going upside-down for the first time – to “kick yourself out of you comfort zone” is the best favour you can do to yourself. 😉
  • COMMUNITY; FHY™ is creating a community of open, positive and happily connected people, a FHY™ family.


»Fly High« motivational name was inspired in a song with same name, written by  Peter Makena: »Fly high, let the earth touch the sky« and as FHY™ would add: “Let your body, mind and spirit fly high!”. 😉